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Renting a room in someone’s home can be a good and relatively inexpensive way of finding accommodation. Below is a guide to help you through the process and to help you find the right room for you. Step 1 – Finding a room First things first, think about the areas that would suit you best […] read more

When it comes to investing in properties, there’s key things you need to bare in mind and think through before making a final decision. Investing in properties doesn’t always mean success, it all depends on a number of factors as well as buying the right property in the first place. What can you afford? First […] read more

If you’re contemplating moving house because you are struggling with the lack of space then make sure you read this first! Creating more space in your home can be a lot easier than moving so make sure you consider the extra space options before making a big decision. 1. Conservatory Conservatorys are a great way […] read more

If you’re thinking about selling your property, avoid these common mistakes to ensure you achieve a speedy sale.  As an agent, we recommend you avoid these mistakes as much as you can reach a smooth, quick sale. 1. Asking for too much There’s no doubt you have spent time, money and energy into making your […] read more

It’s important to keep your tenants happy because each time a tenant is replaced, it costs. There’s certain requirements you have to follow to be a landlord but there’s more to follow to be classed as a ‘good’ landlord. It’s pointless being a landlord if your tenants aren’t pleased and are always finding alternative places […] read more

It’s usually questioned where the best places are to raise a family in the UK. The majority of families look for where the best schools are based, where there are lots of activities for children, coupled with a low rate of crime. Below are the areas we suggest are a good place to bring up […] read more


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